We Are All Joseph

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” אני יוסף העוד אבי חי”

The Joseph epic is dramatic storytelling at its best. But the text leaves out many important details, like how Joseph was feeling as the story unfolded.

Luckily, Eli Schwebel fills in the gaps with his gorgeous Modern Midrash: Ani Yosef, off his latest album, Hearts Mind.

In Eli’s own words:

Layers and Levels
               Multifaceted and Technicolored
                          The Pain of Loneliness with the Higher Awareness.

                                Ani Yosef.

At the end my grandfather’s life we got really close. As we talked about our own life experiences and shared our most intimate and personal thoughts, I realized that a lot of what my grandfather went through, I was going through in my own way.

Yosef’s story always resonated with me, and as i wrote this song I came to understand why. His struggles are my grandfather’s struggles are my struggles. All in different ways but all cosmically interconnected.

I’ve felt this cosmic interconnection with others too, and it always bothered me.

I was bothered by the intimate connection that I feel with people from completely different worlds but with shared experiences and traumas. Why do i feel so connected to a person, just because we felt something similar at some point in our lives? What is that? What is this brotherly love at first sight? Why should it be that way?

But it is that way.

And we are so blessed to be able to feel that connection. There’s great power in finding the points of oneness that bind all of our souls together. We are doubly blessed to have the expressions of Music and Torah to help us scale the walls that separate us and allow us to experience our deepest self.

I hope this song does that for you.

Dedicated to my beloved grandfather Joe “Yosef” Wassner. My Yosef.

Eli Schwebel is a musician, artist, and performer. elischwebel.com
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