Sukkot Forecast

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Sukkkot Clouds

“There’s a single lining to every cloud.”

SUKKOT FORECAST: Cloudy with a chance of euphoria.

One reason for the mitzvah to sit in a sukkah is to remember the Clouds of Glory that protected us in the desert after the exodus. Clouds are an apt metaphor following the High Holidays. What is our fate? What will this year bring? What is our forecast?

Sukkot tells us that our future is cloudy. We don’t know. Yet, Sukkot is the Festival of Joy.

Sometimes we think that we will feel joy when we just know X. But there will always be doubt and there will always be uncertainty in our lives. Are we doomed to a life of unhappiness because we can never just know?

To me, joy is not the feeling we get when we know what will happen to us. Joy is the feeling we get when we know we are living consciously within all the ambiguity. Sukkot is saying that we must celebrate the doubt in our life and feel the joy of living and loving in the cloudy world of reality.

Joy is the combination of sadness, fear, dread, and anxiety, with triumph, salvation, kindness, nostalgia, and love. Celebrate real joy this Sukkot. It’s going to be cloud, but if we do it right, we will experience euphoria.

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink is the founder of
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