Let Your Old Self Go

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Yom Kippur Let Go

“Commit to this: Let your old self go.”

Every time we fail to live up to our expectations for ourselves we feel guilt and shame. Guilt and shame feel like heavy baggage that we carry on our shoulders. Mistakes accumulate and the baggage accumulates, making the load heavier and heavier. Eventually we succumb and we become our baggage.

Yom Kippur is a gift that helps us to let go of the baggage we are carrying. Teshuva disconnects the behavior we regret from our self. Teshuva releases us from our guilt and shame. When we acknowledge our failings and we own them and we learn from our mistakes we can let the baggage go.

Let it go. Let it fly to the heavens. Turn the red dye of our sins back into white woolen thread.

So this Yom Kippur commit to this:

“Let your old self go.”

Rabbi Eliyahu Fink is the founder of shulontheinternet.com.
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