a new judaism for a new generation


You want to love your Judaism, but it just doesn’t seem to connect to your actual life. You want meaningful Jewish learning, but it all feels so distant.


You want a Judaism that is artistic, spiritual, open to interpretation, and unique. You want a Jewish life that is creative and inspiring.


You want Judaism without feeling judged or pressured into doing the next thing. You want a Jewish experience that feels like your Judaism.


when your Jewish life feels like YOUR Jewish life

Own Your Jewish Experience

We want everyone to have an opportunity to access and implement their own Judaism. That is why we call it YOUdaism. There is no expectation to conform to a particular brand of Judaism and there is no pressure to adopt new practices or observance.

YOUdaism is for everyone because you are curating your own unique Jewish experience but YOUdaism is particularly meaningful to people who are not satisfied by reaching a destination, their passion is the journey. You can learn about YOUdaism at Hevria.Academy and you can experience it right here.

Live Events

Occasionally, The Shul on the Internet leaps off your device’s display and will invite you to an analog Jewish experience. We do everything from movie screenings to High Holidays services.

Staying true to our core YOUdaism principles, these events provide non-judgmental venues for connecting to Judaism in new, interesting, and creative ways.

Check the calendar for events schedule and availability.


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